Investment Philosophy

The investment philosophy revolves around the bottom-up approach of stock picking as compared to top-down approach. The fund manager focuses on value-oriented stocks (picking right stocks at right value) with “private equity in public markets”, hence investment horizon is long. The fund manager targets the emerging businesses which have quality earnings and are capital efficient as well

Investment Strategy

Fundamental Approach
  • Fund follows the principle of Private Equity in Public markets
Value Discipline
  • Fund abides to the process of Value Discipline
  • Quality of financial statements & management
  • Follows a buy and hold approach
  • Harvest the gains once value is realised
Concentrated Portfolio
  • Concentrated portfolio of high conviction stocks

Nilesh Shah (CIO)

Mr. Shah is an experienced fund manager with over 25 years of experience in corporate finance and asset management. Prior to Envision, he was the President of Kotak Mahindra Asset Management managing USD 1.2 Bn assets under management. He spearheaded the investment team responsible for advising the Kotak India Mid-Cap Fund. He also managed the Fortune I-III/ACE Equity Portfolios, which delivered substantial outperformance through bottom-up stock picking.