Investment Philosophy

The investment philosophy that is instrumental in the construction of the fund revolves around using a sophisticated, new age and in-house quantitative methods to identify the trend, be it price agnostic or earnings. The quantitative methods are used to find scrips which have good upside capture ratio as well as better downside capture ratio. The expertise of the fund house is to differentiate between the correction and the trend reversal, and to exit stocks, only when there is a reversal of stocks

Investment Strategy

The investment strategy focuses on three key parameters:


  • To rank all NSE stocks by volume
  • Avoid liquidity trap


Follow CANSLIM approach

C: Current Earnings
A: Annual Earnings
N: New Factor
S: Supply & Demand
L: Leader vs Laggard
I: Institutional Sponsorship
M: Market Direction


  • Identify Low-Volatility Price trends
  • Price momentum, volume & correction behavior

Atul Suri (CEO & CIO)

Atul has over 25 years of experience in trading and investing in Indian equities. He started his career with Parag Parikh Financial Advisory services. In 1994 he secured a Masters in Banking and Finance from UTS Sydney, Australia. In 2003, Atul established Marathon Capital, a company focused on trading Index futures. In 2008 he joined RARE Enterprises, a family office of Mr Rakesh Jhunjunwala, as a Technical Analyst. In 2017 he moved on to running his own Portfolio Management Service (PMS) Marathon Trends Advisory