Investment Strategy

The strategy is to invest into universe of non-cyclical companies, which have a proven track record of performance in ups as well as downs of the business cycle and is poised to grow in future. The critical aspect has always been that the though process as well as the interests of the management of firm should be well aligned for the future growth of the firm.

Investment Philosophy

Zero Net Debt, i.e. growth funded by client, rather than by debt
Companies with operating cash flow growth of 20% across cycles
Which are likely to grow at 1.5x to 3x volume growth consistently across all cycles
Purnartha Investment Philosophy
Having a reasonably large owner holding i.e. Owners with skin in the game
Companies having low drawdowns and faster recovery

Rahul Rathi (Chairaman & Managing Director)

Rahul Rathi has 20 years of investment and risk management experience gained from working with global investment institutions. His professional and personal legacy of creating phenomenal wealth in the stock market has inspired Purnartha’s fundamental investment philosophies. With a Master’s degree in Administration from Carnegie Mellon University USA and a Polymer Engineering degree from the University of Pune, Rahul has previously worked in risk management for funds with an AUM of over $2 billion