At Legacy, our core asset is our long-term relationships based on trust. And this trust stems from our strong work ethic, diligence, integrity and transparency in our dealings with our clients. We are there with you at every step of your wealth management journey – as guardians, working hard to preserve your wealth; and as nurturers, wholeheartedly shaping your legacy. To this end, we’ve charted out the trajectory of our long-term relationship.

Some milestones in this journey include:

Portfolio creation
We start by preparing your investment mandate, followed by the construction of your portfolio. Our financial planning and aggregated financial services ensure seamless execution, review and monitoring of your investments.
Reviewing the performance of the investments made is as critical as making those investments. Thus, our team of specialists chalks out a systematic calendar to review asset allocations, portfolio performance, risk control metrics and leakage points.
Keeping you in the know is one of our foremost priorities. That’s why, every step of your journey with us is recorded and reported in a comprehensive yet simplified format – be it asset registers, portfolio updates or review reports.
All these stages of our relationships with you are simplified through technology enabled accessibility. At Legacy, we pride ourselves on harnessing the latest financial technology to improve value for our customers. From social and mobile-enabled investment applications to comprehensive web portals and convenient contact mechanisms, we strive for constant innovation to improve the client experience.